Unfolding & Blossoming

As I reflect on getting my website up and out in what feels like my business more formally launching after a year of laying groundwork, I can't help but think about this Spring time of year and the process currently happening of flowers blossoming and plants sprouting new growth and how I too am undergoing an unfolding of sorts.

My understanding of being one with nature, a foundational principle of Ayurveda, and watching myself develop in ways that I can see taking place around me (both out in nature and with people/organizations around me) gives me enhanced delight and excitement about the larger shifts transpiring on this precious earth of ours right now.

So often we hear in the news and from others about the bad things taking place - the various problems, the limits we have exceeded, our ill-equipped systems - all of which keep us in a state of fear and turmoil in this modern age.  For sure there are issues, ways that we treat each other and the environment in a diminished manner and limited perspectives we each carry.  And at the same time, I believe we are capable of unbelievable greatness and that we are currently undergoing a big time system change that is forcing us individually and collectively to let go of patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us and in more ways than one, "start new" and become that greatness.  This process may in fact be one of pursuing something novel and original and as much as possible, pay close attention to whether it feels like stepping into and blossoming into an even fuller expression of your true nature that is not new, but deeply familiar.

To this end, in what ways are you finding life promoting you to unfold or are you noticing mounting evidence of holding onto or attaching to old and familiar ways that you increasingly recognize limit and inhibit you from your essence and potential.  How are you managing yourself through this discovery process and in what ways are you continuing to keep yourself motivated towards this unfolding process to allow for a full blossoming?

Tony Cyphert , Flickr     

Tony Cyphert, Flickr