Intuitive Development Program

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Intuition is a multi-dynamic aptitude that requires a holistic approach to developing and harnessing.  In addition, there are foundational pieces that are important to get into place which allow for the appropriate setting for your intuitive self to be unlocked and fully blossom.  While there are intuitive development exercises that anyone can explore and learn, to truly manifest an intuitive state of being requires a multi-faceted holistic approach to connecting your mind/body and spirit. 

Naturefy offers an Intuitive Development Program that covers mind/body/spirit and nature threads throughout the entire 9 month training. This program is designed in three month intervals for people new to intuitive training, with some aptitude and for those more advanced. Here is what to be expected in signing up for any and all of these three packages:

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • 1 (50-Minute) in person or online session + 2 online group webinars (30-Minute) & 1 monthly Full Circle gathering per month. 

  • An array of tools and techniques

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Personalized Development Action Plan

  • Personalized certificate and nature walk to celebrate completion of level

  • Complimentary 1-month (50-Minute) in person or online follow-up session

  • Discounts on other Naturefy offerings

The three Levels of this program are as follows. You can begin at your convenience with a three-month commitment to complete each level.

3 months – Discovering your Intuitive Galaxy
6 months – Orienting & Awakening within your Galaxy
9 months – Cultivating your Center of Gravity


Benefits to Developing Intuition as a whole

* Access to faster thinking
* Connect with calm and peace
* Gateway to creativity and innovation
* Increased confidence and self-assuredness
* Less stress – more self trust
* Deeper connection to your body
* Sharpened attunement with nature