Holistic Counseling to come into one's being

"The sessions that I had with Marisa encouraged me to connect with my inner layers, and see what they needed. I was able to practice stillness, listening, and true connection with my desires. This allowed me great clarity in finding out the steps I needed moving forward. I am so grateful for her help."         

-- Monique S., Central Food Co-op Manager

Naturefy meets one-on-one with clients long-term to assess current and potential health & wellness states and offer customized ongoing Ayuvedic and personal/spiritual development support to aid individuals in harmonizing with themselves and nature. 

The unique characteristics provided from this work include:

  • Tapping into core belief system - supporting people in testing out & finding their own root beliefs (apart from what their parents/family gave to them or what they have adopted from society).

  • Empowerment - guiding people to recognize their true radiance and ways to enliven that more fully out in the world.

  • Rootedness - teaching people to appreciate their different root systems and learn/develop ways to access their root structure from whenever & wherever.

  • Bigger Picture - connecting to that which is greater than self and guiding people to a sense of oneness that is unique for each individual.

  • Holographic - developing the ability to see and feel self as nature and the interconnectedness of each nested part of the system in order to harness and optimize regenerative living.

  • Clairvoyance - perceiving, intuiting and communicating what is effecting each person currently, reading auoras and past lives and gaining reflection around blockages present for individuals making change as well as mentoring people in accessing & trusting their intuition themselves.

  • Holding Space - allowing oneself to gain awareness and orientation within environments to access a sense of groundedness, inspiring people to develop aims/triggers to be used in managing the self towards this state of being & learning intuitive development tools to facilitate this process.

Overall we live in a considerably functional society with a strong emphasis on doing. Instead of serving as a coach that helps draw up goals/objectives and drive people towards more doing, Naturefy guides people in developing durable being states so people cultivate roots within themselves that provide resiliency, vibrancy & self-assuredness.  

Areas of focus in this work include: counseling and mentoring, meditation, diet, lifestyle, exercise, consciousness building framework and techniques, journaling, intuitive development tools, dialoguing and wandering in/with nature, embodying one’s soul and seeking spirit realization, etc...

Please visit the contact page to set up a half hour consultation at no charge to talk in more detail about individual counseling/coaching, what you may be experiencing and are looking for support around and to answer any questions about working with Naturefy, as well as to review logistics and rates.