Naturefy was founded by Marisa Gant, a health, wellness and spiritual counselor and organizational development consultant. With years of experience in the business world in a variety of roles, Marisa founded Naturefy to guide and mentor individuals, businesses and communities to harness their true nature, connect with the sacred and live in greater accordance with nature’s natural rhythms and cycles. 

Bringing more than seven years experience working in the international development sector, leading business development, trade certification and operations at a variety of for-profits, non-profits & start-ups with varying experience managing business teams and projects, Marisa understands how to achieve results for the people she works with in a thoughtful, professional and graceful manner. She continues to build upon and educate herself in the following ways:

All in all, Marisa holds spiritual and personal development as pivotal shaping forces in her life. She grew up highly sensitive and intuitive and from a young age began exploring Buddhism and later Taoism to better understand herself and the world. She received the label of dyslexia in her childhood, alongside a very smart and capable twin sister, which prompted her to persevere and demonstrate fearlessness in developing herself, a trait she has carried throughout her life. An avid athlete by nature, she plays soccer regularly, dances, snowboards, runs and practices yoga. She also holds an immense reverence for nature and has a heightened sense of adventure that she applies in trying new things and consistently challenging herself and others around her to grow.

Marisa believes we each bring unique gifts and intelligences to the world and that through spiritual and personal growth as well as deepening our connection to nature, we each hold the key individually and within groups to unfold and blossom so as to serve ourselves and the planet in beautiful and harmonious ways.